Posted: July 9, 2009 in Connection....

cec477bbc5396f6e3fa5a23aa73d50e2Three weeks after being cruelly thrown out of the Virtual World, yesterday I became re-connected.  The whys and wherefores of this dis-connection are not really germane to this post, but let’s just say… was weird.

It was weird because suddenly I was thrown out of a comfort zone of connectivity with friends, family and others, not so well known, but familiar on a daily basis, back into my pre-internet life.  This, dear friends, means that I was thrust back into the darkness of…eek…1995.

Sure, I still had the TV and the telephone, not forgetting my trusty (one of these days I will get around to throwing that POS into the recycling) ancient mobile phone.  But here’s the thing.  I’m at the stage when TV mostly drives me nuts unless there is a good period (no pun intended) drama, documentary or nature programme; all of which will cause me to weep abundantly. And, BELIEVE me, I’m entering that phase of life when the local water-works company is contemplating buying shares in my eye-duct productivity.

The telephone always seems to ring when:

A) I’m on the toilet (the polite way of putting this is that I am now bladderly- challenged).

 B) The kids are roaring and I can’t roar back because I lost my voice roaring at them yesterday.

C) Our elderly, deaf, (also bladderly-challenged) dog has decided to wander across the road to the neighbour’s compost heap for some tasty pickings, and I can’t roar at her to come back because I lost my voice roaring at her and the kids yesterday.

As for my ancient, POS, mobile phone….yes, I can send and receive SMS messages but the sudden declining faculties of my eyesight (and I’m talking only a few months here) means that my poor father may get a message from me saying “ball me whenever you like”, instead of …well, you know what I mean.

Truth be told though, I did re-connect more with what needed to be done around the house during my online dis-connection time.  I did re-connect more with the kids for playtime and finally, I re-connected with that book which had begun to weave cobwebs around itself on my bedside table.

So today I realised that, as in all things, moderation in connection is good.


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