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“Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than to remember me and cry.”
-Dr. Seuss

January 6th, 2015. Today you have 15 stardust years behind you, Jamie.

I have an image in my mind, of your essence scooting around the universe, like some kind of beautifully coloured, blazing comet. It puts a silly smile on my face everytime I look up to the stars; we’re not that far apart really, are we young man?

This New Year, the nature of goodbyes & letting go has been a lot on my mind. The older we get, the more farewells we entertain – consciously or unconsciously: Goodbye to the person we were several years ago, Adieu to longheld expectations, Adios to those who hurt us, Arrrivederci an old way of life, Auf Wiedersehen an old habit; finally letting go of those whose demons & addictions we cannot control or cure. Language is so full of beautiful ways to say goodbye … but also to say hello and begin afresh.

Music being so intrinsically woven into our lives, it came as a jolt to realise that, May, 15 years ago, about a month after you were conceived, your Dad was on stage at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, drumming with Stevie and Emmy-Lou to one of the most honest, beautiful goodbye songs I know. My most favourite thing that your Papa has ever done, I think.

Two years ago, I wrote for your 13th birthday, a turning of age for you, as well as a huge turning point for our family. Tough love goodbyes bring a grief akin to death … but where love is, there is also hope.

In the meantime, your brother and sister are as mad and beautiful as ever  –  2015 is now the year of “Bonjour”  Squeeze are always on the jukebox – le temps passe et on continue.

Happiest of Birthdays, sweet boy. xxxx